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Major Shine Aluminum, Fiberglass, Plastic Polish WITH Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner AND Two Microfiber Cleaning Cloth COMBO

Major Shine Aluminum, Fiberglass, Plastic Polish WITH Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner AND Two Microfiber Cleaning Cloth COMBO

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One 16oz bottle of Colonel Brassy removes rust off chrome, aluminum and stainless steel like a charm. It cleans copper and brass to give them that beautiful shine. It is the perfect polish gel for cleaning and restoring all kinds of hard surfaces including porcelain, tiles, fiberglass, plastics, vinyl and more.

BRASS AND COPPER CLEANING: Colonel Brassy will remove tarnish and other stains on brass and copper and put a protective polish on the surface that protects the metals from air.

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANING: Colonel Brassy will remove surface rust, hard water and mineral deposits, baked on grease and other surface stains. Just use

COLONEL BRASSY full strength and rub in direction of grain, polish to a high shine.

CHROME CLEANING: Always use a small amount on a clean cloth and apply a moderate amount of pressure. Removes rust, hard water deposits and oxidation. When cleaning out pits in oxidation allow Colonel Brassy to dry in pits. Buff to a great shine.

PORCELAIN - TILE - PLASTICS - FIBERGLASS: Apply Colonel Brassy in a circular motion with a clean cloth or a buffer wheel. Let dry to a haze then buff to high shine. Removes oxidation, rust, black marks, oil and grease marks.

MOTORCYCLES: On chrome pipes it will take off melted boot, burnt oil and grease, use full strength. Try on bad aluminum. 2-pack 12x12 microfiber polishing cloth/rag/towel that is durable. To use Major Shine, simply start with a small dab on a clean cloth or terry cloth rag. Polish the surface in a circular motion until achieving the desired shine. You may find that on certain metals with a noticeably grainy surface, Major Shine works best when applied along the direction of the grain. .

  • Colonel Brassy cleans Brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, silver, gold, fiberglass, plastic, porcelain
  • Major Shine polishes Aluminum, Fiberglass, Plastics
  • Two soft microfiber cleaning cloth to ensure scrath free polish and wax job
  • Antique dealer supplies of polishing cloths/towels scratch resistant technology, rinse and reuse easily. Buffing rags removes dirt, debris and grim combine with cleaner that removes tarnish and oxidation, buffs and shines hard surfaces.
  • For use on/in motorcycles, dirt bikes, oxidation, hard water, hair dye, boats, antiques, atv's & utv's, RV's, golf carts, over spray & rust, rims, adhesives, yellow headlights.