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Flitz electronics screen cleaner
Flitz monitor laptop cellphone screen clean
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Flitz Electronics Cleaner Spray removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, grease, oils, smudges from PC monitors, cellphones, TVs, computer, laptops, Ipads + Microfiber Cloth

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FAST RESULTS: Anti-static, non-streak, instant results on all electronic screens.

SAFE & FRIENDLY: Eco-safe, No alcohol. Ammonia and phosphate FREE.

USE ON: Plasma or smart-televisions, cameras, computers, monitors, cell phones, laptops, pads, kindles, smart devices, tablets, lens, LCD screens, calculators, mobile devices, handheld electronic, smart-electronic devices, plastic, acrylic, glass tops, eyeglasses, and more. Great product to clean off the smudge out of old cds and dvds, modern stove control panels, stainless steel and other component parts.

HOW TO USE: First, turn off your device. Ensure that the display screen is off and cool to the touch. Then, spray the electronics cleaner onto the surface of the screen or on Flitz soft microfiber cloth. Wipe the screen and see grease, oil, fingermarks, smudges, grime, dirt and dust quickly disappear. Repeat the spray and wiping process to remove stickier smudges and grease.

PROVEN PRODUCT, PROFESSIONAL GRADE: This professional-grade electronic screen cleaner was manufactured by one of the most respected companies in the cleaning/polishing space, with over 50 years of experience as a USA company. Flitz Electronics Cleaner is the best solution for streak-free, smudge-free electronics screens, plastics, acrylics, and more, including the metal surfaces of the device.


Why Use a Flitz professional-grade Electronics Screen Cleaner + Microfiber Cloth

Electronic devices are not cheap. Good size smart TV can cost over $1000. Tablets for children are not cheap either. So, you purchase an electronic device, and you want it to last a while (perhaps forever), performing at its optimum with a clean, clear screen view. Cleaning or wiping your screen will be part of the maintenance.

You can go the less expensive route and use water with a damp cloth. The problem with this method of cleaning screens is that water, unless distilled, can have many types of impurities that leave behind a white residue, adding a blur to the screen. Further, these impurities can add tiny irreparable scratches to your screen.

Using the everyday soap or dish-washing liquid can result in extensive damage to your screen as well. The compounds in the soap can strip away the films and coatings on the screens. Although most modern glass screens have a special oleophobic coating for protection, some soaps can damage that coating, creating a smokey blur.

The use of alcohol, mainly the 90% rubbing kind, is also a bad idea.

 Alcohol can wear away the anti-reflective coatings on glass screens as well as strip away the screen's anti-smudge layer. The use of ammonia also has the same unwanted effect, wearing down the screen's coating. Therefore, Windex, an ammonia-based product, is not recommended.

To prevent damage to an electronic screen, use only a professional-grade screen cleaner. With years of experience creating cleaning products, Flitz Electronics Cleaner is the way to go.


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