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Use Colonel Brassy metal cleaner to polish brass antique/vintage art

Colonel Brassy is used to clean a variety of metal and porcelain pieces and does a fantastic job of cleaning and polish brass metal.
Cleaning a brass vintage or antique art is simple. First, washing it with a clean cloth that is deep in detergent with a little vinegar and a sprinkle of salt to remove any dirt on the first layer. This will remove the top layer of grime on the sculpture, statue, or whatever article of art you are cleaning.

Then clean and polish it with a small amount of Colonel Brassy applied to a clean cloth. The new microfiber clothes are recommended for delicate antique brass pieces.

Severely tarnished and corroded brass may require a little more of Colonel Brassy and some "elbow grease" to get the job done. Remember, vintage pieces are expensive and a real treasure, so one has to use the very best polisher on the market.

If the corrosion is rather difficult, brush the trouble area with a glass brush applied with Colonel Brassy. You can get the glass brush from a jewelry supply store. Then for a final shine gently rub your vintage piece with Major Shine, a product manufactured by Vertex Industries of New York.

Again, be careful not to damage you vintage piece with excessive or abrasive rubbing. Do not use steel wood, SOS pads or any rough material that may damage your antique.