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Polishing your Harley Davidson Motorcycle with Flitz Metal Polish

Since the Harley-Davidson-Motorcycle has been called the king of the road, you have the obligation to look after and take care of your road warrior. This would mean cleaning, polishing and proper maintenance.


Harley Davidson motorcycles not not cheap and to own one of these road warriors is a privilege as a Harley is world famous for its fabulous styles and top notch performance. But like all vehicles, they are subject to wear and tear and ultimately will only be as good as its mileage. To achieve longevity, your bike must always be properly maintained.


These are steps to follow in caring for your Harley


1. A pre-riding check is always conducted before hitting the road. Check everything from brakes, to the seats down to the tires. On regular basis, focus inspection on minor issues before they become serious.


2. Never abuse your vehicle – Motorcycle stunts in the movies are for the thrill of the audience and not to be followed. Going full speed and abrupt brake, as well as going over hills and dales is disastrous for bikes, rider and people on the road. Always practice proper riding habits, follow the legal speed, practice steady acceleration, and always go easy on the brakes.


3. Master Harley Davidson Motorcycles Manual for it contains all information about the bike. Mastering the manual is the best way to know the vehicle better and acquire knowledge in trouble shooting problems.


4. Follow recommendation for oil change. You should schedule change of oil regularly to ensure that the engine is healthy. Follow the recommendation made by the manufacturer for oil change schedule.


5. Maintain clean air filters. All kinds of particles are usually trapped in the air filters that slow down its speed and over-all performance. When abrasive objects gets into the cylinder and valves, hey affect performance and safety. This happens when air filters are not clean. Changing filter frequently is important when motorcycle travels through dusty roads.


6. Decide proper time to charge batteries. This is your great option. Before a battery charge, make sure you do it during downtime and do not wait until the electrolyte dips too low. You can also purchase used Harley Davidson parts online from top HD DEALERS.


7. Polish your king with COLONEL BRASSY METAL CLEANER for continued sheen in the motorcycle. When its full strength is applied on chrome pipes, it removes burnt oil, grease and melted boot. Flitz metal cleaner is another excellent product you can use to clean the dirt of your chrome and the rust of your aluminum. Buy the Flitz metal polish pages that comes with the microfiber cloth. These clothes are non abrasive and very helpful when cleaning delicate chrome. You have paid a lot for your Harley; make it worth by taking good care of your motorcycle. The reality is that your bikes mileage will depend how well you maintain and use it