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Polishing Aluminum with Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner

Unlike iron and steel, Aluminum does not rust, it corrodes - aluminum oxide fused hard water stains, dust, calcium, lime, tarnish, grease, oil, and carbon. There are different kinds of Aluminum-based on quality and intended purpose. There are Aluminum alloy, polished Aluminum, clear coated Aluminum, brushed Aluminum and Aluminum Magnesium.

It is, therefore, important to use a metal polish and cleaner that was designed specifically for Aluminum.

Flitz produces a good line of Aluminum metal polish that comes both in the paste and liquid format, but Colonel Brassy Aluminum cleaner is one of the best on the market. Therefore, we recommend Colonel Brassy for cleaning your Aluminum metal.

Colonel Brassy metal cleaner does not only work on Aluminum but a wide range of metal like chrome, brass bronze, gold, silver, stainless steel, giving you the flexibility you need when cleaning your metals.

Colonel Brassy has been tested and proven based on a host of reviews to be the preferred metal cleaner used by motorcycle owners to clean the Aluminum parts on their bikes. It is also non-abrasive and works right out of the bottle, unlike other metal cleaners with an intolerable fume and odor.

Works great on bike frames, ladders, mail boxes, golf clubs, diamond plate, framing, patio furniture, engine parts, pans, and pots.


For extensive Aluminum metal cleaning jobs buy two bottles of Colonel Brassy at a deep discounted price.