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Mothers or Flitz which is the best metal polish

There a number of metal polish brands on the market, all promising to deliver a spotless shine on your aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, copper, etc. Some just polish, other shine, polishes and leaves behind a wonderful luster.


A question was ask about Mothers polish verses Flitz. Here is the response:


"Mothers billet was my go to until I found Flitz polish"


Do you mind us asking what you like at about Mother's ...initially?


"I used to use mothers because it was a well know brand. I used to use the aluminum polish and the buffer ball on my aluminum rims, and I used the plastic polish on my head lights and damaged them because the buffer got too warm. Once I learned about the versatility of Flitz and the büffball, I condensed like 3 products into 1(and a büffball). I like Flitz because you can use it on plastics, painted surfaces, and metals. I also like the buffball because it holds up against my diamond plate toolbox (and you can wash it!), whereas the mothers ball will only last a couple of applications on an abrasive surface or the sharp edges of automotive surfaces. I also use Flitz in my tumbling media with great results


I was skeptical before I used it because it seemed like it was marketed as a snake oil because it has so many uses, but after using it I realized Flitz means business!"


Price wise, both brands are comparable. However, Flitz appears to be the preferred brand and offers a wider array of complimentary products like Metal Preclean, microfiber cleaning cloth, and one of a kind baff ball, making the company a one-stop-shop for everything metal polish