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How to polish porcelain with Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner from Vertex Industries

Porcelain which is usually identified as a white vitrified translucent ceramic is made from clay, flint, and silica combined under intense heat. Porcelain although not as sturdy as stainless steel or aluminum has a high degree of durability and an aspect of gorgeousness that makes it appealing, desired by many as the primary material for tiles, sinks, bathroom fixtures and other elements in the home.

However, unlike other elements such as chrome that are cleaned and polish by Colonel Brassy hard surface cleaner, porcelain often loses its luster, perhaps because porcelain home fixtures are often utilized.

Happily, porcelain fixtures, such as floor tiles, are resistance to stains and can be cleaned easily, lending them to be of use in high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms floors and back-splash. Conversely, you are not just interested in cleaning, but also polishing - achieving that amazing shine.

Before applying Colonel Brassy, sweep the titles, then mop with a clean bucket of water. Then apply Colonel Brassy on a damp cloth and rub vigorously on the tiles. There is no need to use bleach of SOS pads.

Bleach can sometimes cause porcelain to lose its luster. If the stains and grout are particularly difficult, use a soft brush to brush the tiles and to rid it of the grout before applying Colonel Brassy.

Use Colonel Brassy as often as possible to keep your porcelain shiny and in tip-top shape.