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How to polish gold and silver jewelry with Colonel Brassy hard surface cleaner

Have a lot of jewelry pieces or just a few selective and expensive tailored pieces that you really love and cherished, you need to polish and shine them from time to time, and you will need an affordable way to do just that using a simple product called Colonel Brassy.

Whether it is silver or gold, Colonel Brassy can clean and polish them to achieve that marvelous shine and make your special pieces dazzle and glitter.

Use Colonel Brassy metal cleaner is non-abrasive jewelry cleaner with a soft clean cloth to polish your jewelry.

It will add a glow to your jewelry pieces as well as remove scratches that diminishes the value of your fine pieces.

In the case of silver, the main objective would be to remove the tarnish and dull look. You will need to apply a mild amount of Colonel Brassy paste on a damp cloth. Rub on your silver pieces until you have achieved the desirable shine.

If the tarnish on the silver is severe, a little more paste and rubbing would be required. Then use a soft microfiber cloth to clean out your jewelry.

Gold jewelry is easier to clean that silver, and, because it is a less reactive metal than silver, do not tarnish.

Gold polishing is done in the similar method employed in the cleaning of silver.

Apply a small amount of paste to a soft cloth and rub on your gold pieces until you achieve that desired shine.