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How to Clean Rust Off Metal

When cleaning the rust from the metal surface, it is challenging. But there are actually different ways for you to remove the rust on metals like copper, aluminum, tin, chrome, stainless steel, brass and other hard metal surfaces. The method you use for cleaning metal would depend on the kind of object and the amount of rust buildup.

At home, there are different cleaning tools and household products that you can use. Since they are readily available, you wouldn’t have to experience difficulty cleaning them.

Baking Soda Paste

Another well-known cleaning solution is the baking soda. To make it more effective, it is strongly recommended that you make a paste out of it. You can do this by mixing some water into the baking soda and make a cleaning paste. Apply the cleaning paste in the specific problem areas.

Sandpaper, Steel wool or Wire Brush

Some of the best cleaning tools that you can use to remove the rust include sandpaper, wire brush or a steel wool. Your choice on cleaning solution would basically depend on the kind of metal surface you want to clean. The reason why these tools are very effective for cleaning is that abrasive surfaces are considered to be excellent cleaning tools. All you have to do to scrape or scrub the specific area until such a time that the rust starts to disappear. If there is loose rust, you can just continue scrubbing until all of the rust buildup is gone.

Use vinegar.

Vinegar is a widely popular cleaning solution available at home. Some people may not know it but they can actually use this particular household product to remove rust from metal surfaces. All you have to do is to get a cloth and then put some vinegar on it and wipe it on the surface. Gently rubbing the surface in a circular motion and then you will see how the cleaning solution can effectively remove the rust. This works well in most cases so you do not have to spend a dime and just use this product which is readily available.

Commercial Rust Removal Products

There are some cases where the rust from a particular metal surface can be really tough to remove. In which case, you cannot just rely on household products. So instead, again go to the store or hardware and look for commercial rust removal products like Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner that are specifically designed to remove rust. Find commercial rust removal suitable for the metal surface that you want to clean.

If you have a large amount of metal to clean or you are constantly working on large metal projects, then a wholesale case of Colonel Brassy might be the best option. Commercial rust removers can be very inexpensive if purchased by the case of boxes.  Another effective metal cleaner is Flitz green metal polish. You can get those online or through your community hardware store.