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How to clean and polish your Harley Davidson Motorcycle with Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner

Giving a good clean and polish to your Harley Davidson motorcycle with Colonel Brassy surface cleaner brings much satisfaction at the end from seeing the results of beautifully polished chrome, aluminum and stainless steel elements of your Harley - almost too polished to be driven. A picture of beautifully polished chrome is a picture to behold, but it takes a little love and a little gentle rubbing of Colonel Brassy metal cleaner on those dull, rusty and troubled parts.

While some metal polishers are designed for specific metals, Colonel Brassy was designed for Chrome, Aluminum and stainless steel, three metal that is likely to be found on most Harley Davidson motorcycles. Unlike chrome, Aluminum can be easily tarnished when left to the outside elements. Be careful when cleaning and polishing your aluminum surfaces.

There are many polishers on the market (Flitz Metal Polish, Simichrome, Turtle Wax aluminum polish, Never Dull, Eastwood's Alumi-Brite, Mothers Power Ball) choose your metal polisher carefully. Apply a small amount of Colonel Brassy to the surface area and rub with a microfiber cloth.Steel is reasonably simple to polish. Most quality polishes will get the job done on steel, but keep in mind that steel is extremely hard. Hence the phrase strong as steel.

For polishing stainless steel, the method is the same although steel is less likely to be damaged by an abrasive metal cleaner. Apply Colonel Brassy to you steel by rubbing it firmly with a cloth Colonel Brassy will work wonders on your Harley Davidson motorcycle chrome metal, giving it that luster and dazzling look. Chrome is less likely to be tarnished or harmed by the atmospheric elements than aluminum of steel. However, it can get dull from hard water marks, burnt rubber, and plastic or the carbon accumulated from constantly being on the road. Colonel Brassy will remove the surface oxidation that acts as a catalyst for rust. It will also buff out some of the small scratches and signs of wear from your chrome. If your motorcycle chrome has been subjected to severe oxidation, thoroughly clean the chrome elements before apply Colonel Brassy