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Flitz metal polish for Aluminum and Chrome Rims

After a bit of much traversing up and down, wheels get dirty, rims collect grime and dirt and sometimes rust and a little cleaning, buffing, polishing is in order. Most wheels are made up of either chrome or aluminum and they suffer from tarnish as a result of oxidation. Both chrome and aluminum rims are very pretty when polished with a metal polish, but the chrome is going to have a more dazzling luster to it.A well-polished chrome rim enhances the look of a car or motorcycle. So, how does one polish chrome rims. Flitz is a metal polish that does an excellent job cleaning and polishing chrome rims.

Flitz metal polish is a industrial grade high performance cleaner and polish designed to remove rust from chrome wheels and buff out scratches and unattractive marks and aluminum. It is an all purpose metal cleaner and will clean copper, bras, stainless steel, nickel, gold, and silver also.

On motorcycles

Flitz will remove boot marks, burnt plastic on pipes, oil and grease residue, and road grime on stainless steel exhaust muffler.

First, clean out the brine, dirt and dust of your chrome and aluminum rims by washing them with soap water, a cleaning cloth and a mild brush.


Then dry with a clean cloth.


Apply a generous amount of Flitz polish on a microfiber cloth and buff the rims thoroughly.


Do not use steel wool on the chrome as it can damage the chrome, particularly chrome on motorcycles.


If you are polishing aluminum rims you can use a very fine sandpaper at first to remove the rust and excessive tarnish if the vehicle has been sitting there for a while.