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Envirocare Liquid Alive Ordor Digester and Cleaner Twice as concentrated as Dymon Enzyme Treatment

Envirocare liquid alive is a non toxic industrial strength live enzyme bacteria treatment to eliminate bad malodors caused by rotten goods dampness, vomit, blood stains, urine, organic matter, fecal, mold, mildew, body excretion, musty order, etc.Perfect for use in daycares, churches, offices schools, hotels, nursing homes, homes with pets (cats and dogs), shelters facilities with smoke scents, bathrooms, funeral homes, janitorial services and restaurants. Natural and easy to use and will not stain your rugs, carpets or upholstery. This product is twice as concentrated than Dymon Liquid Alive or Nature's Miracle. Its use requires dilution with water - down to about 10 percent Liquid Alive to 90 percent water. It has a clean, pleasant refreshing scent.The product comes with a spray nozzle to enable quick application. You can use this product in combination with Proxi Spray and Walk Away. One removes the stain and the other removes the malordor.