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Colonel Brassy Ingredients

World Famous Colonel Brassy manufactured by Vertex Industries of New York is a water based cleaning compound made up of some simple ingredients when combined together form a extremely effective gel compound that cleans out rust off chrome rim, buffs scratches out of aluminum, waxes and details, removes melted boot marks, burnt oil and grease of exhaust pipes or road marks on chrome pipes and aluminum wheels. Even removes yellow tint on old headlights and restore you luster to jewelry.


CHEMICAL INGREDIENTS: Citric Acid 4.5%Stearoamphoacetate 12%Propylene Glycol 18%Diatomaceous Earth 24%Water/Inerts 41.5%PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF COMBINED INGREDIENTSBoil  ing Point: 248*F      Specific gravity: 1.63      Vapor pressure: (mmhg) 1’Percent volatile by volume: 0%    Vapor density air: =1     Reactivity in water: NONE

Solubility in water: COMPLETE     


Flash Point: NON-FLAMMABLE    Special fire fighting procedures: NONE

Fire and explosion hazards: NONE