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Cleaning Stainless Steel with Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Cleaner

Stainless steel when polished shines brightly and gives the most titillating glow, that is because it is made from a mixture of metal-alloy including nickel, silicon, aluminum, carbon, chromium, and iron. The chrome makes is resistant to rust while the nickel gives it its sparkle and resistance to corrosion. The Iron gives it its sturdiness.

First, using a good product specifically designed to polish and clean stainless steel is the key to a perfect shine. Colonel Brassy hard surface cleaner which was manufactured for cleaning aluminum and chrome, elements found in stainless steel, is the ideal candidate.

Colonel Brassy is slightly oil base which reduces streaking and is not abrasive like other metal cleaners on the market.

So, here is a simple procedure to cleaning and polishing your stainless steel with Colonel Brassy:


  • Wipe your stainless steel with a clean cloth designated for used only on your stainless steel.
  • Apply a generous amount of Colonel brassy on another clean cloth, one made of microfiber material would be my preference.
  • Rub with mettlesome vigor throughout the stainless steel material until an acceptable shine is realized.
  • If you desire to achieve an even great level of shine use a product call "Major Shine" to apply a finishing coat of shine to your utensil, appliance, surgical instrument, motorcycle or vehicle part, construction material, hardware, etc.
  • Do not use steel wool and SOS for cleaning your stainless steel. These can be abrasive and, although they may clean, they never give a shine. Use Colonel Brassy - the general of metal polish.