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Cleaning an Antique Brass Fire Extinguisher with Flitz Brass and Copper Tarnish Remover KIT

brass and copper polishing kit Thinking of your next garage product? Cleaning that antique brass fire extinguisher of your grandparents that has been sitting there for the last 50 years. If you are thinking about throwing it away, please do not. It can be restored and become a wonderful fixture next to your fireside. What's more, it can become a great conversation piece.First, you will need to remove that build up of blue tarnish and extreme oxidation that have been accumulating for years. To quickly remove that tarnish without rubbing or manual exertion, Spray a generous amount of Flitz Brass and Copper Tarnish remover to the corrosion. Within minutes you should see the grime and tarnish dripping away. Give it a few minutes to work its magic. Then, wash the excess corrosion with warm water and wipe off.Your brass fire extinguisher is now free from tarnish, you will want to give it a beautiful shine. Apply Met-all Brass and Copper polish to it and wipe thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. The polish will give your metal a brilliant shine and provide a protective coat to reduce future oxidation. Now that your extinguisher is beaming with brightness, sit it next to your fireplace as a decoration fixture.It is advisable to wear gloves, face mask and an eye protective gear when using the Flitz tarnish remover. Although it is not harmful, it does have a sent that can be unwelcoming to some people. "