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Chrome polish Colonel Brassy Hard Surface Metal Cleaner Will Clean Your Rusty Dull Chrome

The world famous Colonel Brassy produced by Vertex Industries of New York has received great reviews on Amazon, Ebay, motorcycle forums and is without a doubt one of the best chrome metal polish on the market. It is not as abrasive as other metal polishers and is one of the preferred metal cleaner used by motorcycle owners, big rig drivers, vintage and antique owners and janitors.

There are many other techniques and metal polishers that can be used to clean or polish metal but some are not as effective in getting the burnt plastic or the dark carbon stuff of your chrome, while others can be very abrasive and time-consuming in getting that perfect shine.

One can use steel wool and a lot of elbow grease with chrome polish to achieve that shine, but many of the steel wool on the market can scratch delicate chrome and will be just counter productive. Steel wool or SOS pads while ok, will not be able to remove the rust on grills on a vehicle with severely rusty looking chrome.

You could get bronze wool, often found at the marine supply store, frequently used by fishermen on their boats, but this product was not exactly intended for your chrome and will not do the job effective like Colonel Brassy chrome cleaner.

One could also go the cheap route and use aluminum foil a nd some wax. This would be time-consuming and not very effective in achieving that dazzling shine that makes clean Harley look so good on the road.

One could purchase other chrome metal polish like Quadruple Zero stainless steel scrubber, buffing compounds like Wizards Turbo Cut, Mothers Mag Polish, Rust-Eze, Simichrome, Flitz, NeverDull Wadding, Quater, Rain Dance which can be found at home remodel stores or auto parts center like Autozone.

While some of these may perform well on certain rims and hubcaps, they are not recommended for all types of chrome. Your local Harley Motorcycle dealer will recommend Colonel Brassy

If you love your motorcycle don't do out-of-the-box and cheap stuff to shine your chrome. Don't put spit on aluminum foil, or use Brillo or SOS pads, or dirt and water or oxalic acid or toothpaste on a damp cloth. Just get yourself a bottle of Colonel Brassy metal cleaner, put a little on a rag, preferably a microfiber cloth and rub your chrome gently for that perfect shine."